We are looking forward to featuring you on an upcoming episode of the Lift as We Climb podcast. The show features Premier Success Coaches, Managing Directors, eWN VIPs and members from around the world. Please take a moment to fill out the guest application and then select your interview date and time.

The show shares real-world business advice and holds engaging conversations around your areas of expertise. We encourage you to think about what you would like to share in your approximately 10 minute interview segment. Unlike your stage speeches or webinars, this will be interview style. That means you'll be able to show up as a VIP guest and enjoy the comfort of simply performing. Pat will guide the conversation and make you look like a star.

As with the Premier Success Coach member calls, we will not incorporate sales offers during the show. The show is designed to raise awareness for your services and encourage members to #UseYourCalls - perhaps with you! We will be happy to share some information you have for prospective new clients. For example, an e-book, webinar, newsletter, etc in the show notes.

Between now and your interview date, you'll receive guest instructions and details on how the interview will be conducted so you're ready to shine. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to Pat: or via phone (414) 240-1315. Thank you for participating!

Please Select Your Interview Date & Complete the Guest Form